10 Conversational Hypnosis Techniques To Control Anyone

When it comes to influence and persuasion on of the main skill you will need to master is conversational hypnosis. The reason why is because it is an essential skill that will let you embed thoughts and ideas into someones subconscious mind just by using a very particular style of language patterns.

One of the main tools you can use is called embedded commands, and the way they work is by using particular words and phrases such a “feel a connection”, “see us in the future” and “stop doing it” in such a way where emphasis is put on the particular action word.

What this type language does is bypass a persons critical factor and then the command is able to influence their subconcious mind in a way that is undetected so that the target will act upon the instruction.

This is very powerful and it allows you to covertly hypnotize your subjects without them knowing, and as you can imagine this kind of power lets you achieve anything in your life that you want to.

A very powerful example of this in action is from the TV hypnotist Derren Brown. Basically what Derren did was approach unsuspecting people on the train and then ask them what top they were getting off at. After the victim responded Derren then continued to talk to him and they say “What STOP, thinking about it now, are you getting off at?”

Now as you can see, to someone who doesn’t know manipulation it might seem like Derren isn’t doing anything unusual. But to an conversational hypnotist what you are actually doing is using the embedded command “Stop thinking about it now”.

You see it is all about the way the sentence is structured and when emphasis is put on the word “stop”.

As we spoke about earlier, because the target is unaware you are doing anything the command completely bypasses their critical mind and goes directly into their subconscious. Then this makes the person act on the suggestion without them even realize.

The result of this is that the target can’t remember what station it was they they were intending to get off at. It is very interesting to watch and because of this I have decided to include a video of it in this post.

So as you can see, it is an incredible example of the skills on a master persuader.

Another example that I would like to talk about is using what is called a confusion technique. The way this works is by using a style of language that is so hard to follow the mind gets confused and then you can embed a direct command right at the end of the language pattern and then the target has no choice to except the suggestion as a relief from the confusion.

If this kind of thing is interesting to you and you would like to learn more about conversation hypnosis then make sure you check back often because this is something that we are going to be covering a lot over the next few weeks.